This is a three-year study about the services offered to street children who are placed in institutions. The study will cover the entire country but with a special emphasis on the state of Rio de Janeiro. It will include an analysis of the recent academic literature, a review of the policies, working practices and government plans about services for this population of youth and an analysis of the existing institutions which take street children in the state. The project will include interviews with institutional staff and with the young people living in the institutions. The study will conclude with an assessment of what is needed to improve policies and practices to better serve the young people. The project is supported by the State of Rio research foundation, FAPERJ.

Research team

Coordination: Irene Rizzini

Research assistant: Renata Brasil (CIESPI/PUC-Rio)

Interns: Monica Figueiredo; Hanna Azevedo (PUC-Rio, Department of Social Work)