Shall we talk about children in their early years? Access Bulletin 10 to know more about the community dialogues carried out in the Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro

October, 31 2023.

CIESPI/PUC-Rio, in partnership with local actors, organized four meetings known as community dialogues in Rocinha with the aim of stimulating the debate within the community to share what we learned through the Project Safe, Inclusive and Participative Pedagogy (SIPP): Improving Early Childhood Education. In the past 3 years the CIESPI team carried out 56 interviews with residents, including parents, practitioners and community key actors and consulted 30 children aged between 3 and 7 years old. The interviews inspired us to select the themes addressed during these meetings: early childhood development and quality of life in Rocinha, mental health and anti-racist education.

During the last meeting participants discussed actions related to these main topics and proposed a joint effort to disseminate information about early childhood in the community. We have initiated a collaboration with health professionals to mediate care for mothers and children with disabilities and/or those who face mental health challenges. Community participants created a document with priority demands to guide them for the next steps of advocacy targeted at key governmental departments.

The final Bulletin (Nº 10) was written in co-authorship by Carolina Terra, Irene Rizzini, Leandro Castro and Renata Mena Brasil do Couto and concludes the series of reports of the project Safe, Inclusive and Participative Pedagogy. We would like to thank everyone who contributed in different ways to the project success and will continue our joint actions in partnership with local actors from Rocinha. We invite you to follow all our initiatives on the CIESPI/PUC-Rio website and social media! 


To access Bulletin 10 press here.