Launching! First Public Policy Brief “Children 0-3 need access to early childhood education in Brazil”


With the aim of enlarging the debates arising from the international project Participatory and Inclusive Early Childhood Education, CIESPI/PUC-Rio has just launched its first Policy Brief in the project. 

In this first bulletin, the authors address the urgent need for more spaces in early childhood education for children 0-3 in Brazil. Malcolm Bush and Renata Brasil summarize data from national and international studies that show the critical importance of investing in the expansion and improvement in quality of early education especially for children who live in contexts of vulnerability.  They also show the large gap between the demand and supply of early education places. 

The bulletin uses qualitative data that CIESPI has recently collected in semi-structured interviews with teachers in early education and parents in the Rio Community of Rocinha about the shortcomings in early childhood opportunities. All these data show the challenges for early education in the community and point to ways to prioritize these services.  

The authors highlight that the right to early education is guarantee in the Federal constitution, the Statute on the Child and the Adolescent, and the Law of Rights and the Bases of National Education. These legal provisions were recently reinforced by the Brazilian Supreme Court which reaffirmed the duty of the state to offer the means necessary so that the right of children from 0-5 to attend early education centers would be guaranteed.  


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