CIESPI and partners launch a report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child about prioritizing support for children and youth in institutions

This report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is based on several pieces of research and responds to the UN Committee's call for research-based recommendations for children and youth in institutions. The report was co-authored with the Brazilian Beneficent Association of the Little Nazarene and the Association of Researchers and Trainers of Children and Youth (OPN and NECA).

The research on which the recommendations were based included To know in order to care, a study of over 500 children and youth living on the streets and in institutional care post life on the streets in the largest cities in Brazil; Between home and the streets, a literature of review of institutional care for young people in Brazil and interviews with professional staff and children linked to institutional care in Brazil; and A national survey of institutional care for children and adolescents in the time of Covid 19, a survey of care in over 800 Brazilian municipalities, and a qualitative study of youth leaving institutional services.

Other organizations involved in parts of the research were the International Association of Brazilian Community Educators (FICE Brazil) and the National Movement for Living with Family and Community.

The report to the UN includes material on how the institutionalization of children can be prevented, the characteristics of high-quality institutional care, how to guarantee a well-trained, supported and supervised workforce in institutions for children and youth and what support is needed for the young people who leave care. It also deals with the problems caused by the COVID 19 epidemic.

For the full report, click here.